Bonaiti was the first company in the world to design and produce magnetic locks

Our history

The history of Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti dates back to 1830, when Lecco was home to artisan shops that worked iron, raw material to obtain wire and tape to produce small metal parts. The shop grows over time and in addition to buckles and carabiners, Bonaiti produces warmers, roast pans, bed springs and tubes for the relevant heads.

In 1936 they began the industrialize production of locks to be applied on the outside of the doors and, later, to be inserted on the front of the doors, along the lines of the then patented English models: hence the term “patent”, which later became common use, to identify this type of locks, then very innovative.

At the beginning of the 2000s Bonaiti Serrature, still inside the Calolziocorte plant, started the production of magnetic locks, the result of research and development carried out in recent years.

It can be said with certainty
that there is no country in the world that does not have
the Bonaiti logo on one lock of a door!

Bonaiti today

Bonaiti Serrature covers an area of ​​14,000 square meters, 8,000 of which are covered. It manages 3,700 articles that ships to 1,200 customers in Italy and worldwide. In the departments, around 70 employees produce 15,000 locks every day on 10 automatic lines. The use of non-polluting materials and the environmentally friendly processing cycle allow the Company to be recognized as an environmentally friendly company.

Research and development

Bonaiti’s design philosophy has always anticipated all needs of the market, proposing original and innovative technical solutions and ensuring the highest quality of the product. This entailed a very high annual investment in relation to turnover, creating a technical team of recognized professionalism and experience.

Sophisticated IT systems allow technicians to follow every project from the beginning, up to functional tests. The test cabin looks over the operation of each lock, simulating realistic opening / closing cycles of the locks.


Research and technological development has allowed the Company to offer a complete range of products. Thus the magnetic lock was invented, which employs an operating system entrusted to magnetic fields generated by Permanent Magnets existing in nature. The use of alternative materials to the iron, allows the silent operation. The adoption of magnetism significantly improves aesthetics and functionality.

The overall effects on the structure of the lock are obvious: a clean design that integrates with the new lines of doors. From the first model, B-one has progressively progressed over time to realize the B-two, followed by the exclusive B-four, also entering the glass door sector with the B-alex and B-five. The magnetism has also allowed to produce a lock without handle, the B no-ha, allowing therefore to have doors without interruption of the formal architectural lines.


From the widespread presence in every Italian region with the sales network of agents that reach both door manufacturers and hardware dealers, Bonaiti has passed over time to directly and indirectly distribute the products in France – to door manufacturers – and so in many African countries.

Evolving, sales have reached all Europe in a capillary way. With the magnetic locks, Bonaiti has entered the global market, opening markets also in the American and Asian continent.

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